Here I am on CNN talking about "Empire" and "Blackish" and forgetting to smile.

The One Where I Talk About ‘Empire’ and ‘Blackish’ on CNN

TV shows featuring African-Americans are doing well and since I’m African-American I figured it made sense for me to go on TV to talk about it. “Empire,” “Blackish” and all those shows Shonda Rhimes puts out like “Scandal” and “How to Get Away With Murder” are scoring high ratings. The big question is whether this will be the flavor of the month–African American Swirl!–or something lasting. It’s important to have open discussions about race and pop culture, but it’s crucial to not just talk about race when it comes to black shows. I’d like to see more folks have race-based discussions about programs that don’t feature ethnic minorities. How does “Girls”–a show partially set in Brooklyn–get away without having a single minority in its core cast? Certainly creator Lena Dunham has every right to write what she wants–she’s super-talented, and I watch the show every week–but viewers have every right to think she should get out more.

Watch my interview on CNN about race and TV here.

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