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‘Zero O’Clock’ Featured on NPR’s ‘Here and Now’

ZeroChartMy new young adult novel “Zero O’Clock” was the subject of a feature story on NPR’s show “Here and Now.” They even played two BTS songs–“00:00 (Zero O’Clock)” and “Life Goes On”–to open and close the segment!

The segment was hosted by Tonya Mosley, who later said on Twitter “Zero O’Clock is going to go down as one of the texts we will use in the future to make sense of this moment we’re in. Thank you @cjfarley for this timely book, and conversation.”

It’s great to see my book get this kind of coverage! There’s a real shortage of young adult novels that feature people of color that are written by authors of color, so “Zero O’Clock,” which features a Jamaican-American hero (I was born in Kingston, Jamaica), fills a real need in kids lit.

There are also many teens and parents out there who are looking for books to help them process the crazy events of the last year or so. That’s what my novel is all about.

After the NPR piece, my book shot up to No. 1 on the Amazon Best Sellers List for “Teen & Young Adult Literary Fiction.”

You can listen to the “Zero O’Clock” segment of “Here and Now” here and in the player below.