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The Jamaica Gleaner Raves About ‘Around Harvard Square’

AroundHarvardSquareStacksThe Jamaica Gleaner, the island’s most well-read newspaper, raved about my new novel “Around Harvard Square” calling it “witty and artful” among other really nice things!

My new book is about a Jamaican-American freshman at Harvard struggling to deal with barriers of class and race. Glenville Ashby, writing in the Gleaner, said that “Around Harvard Square” is “a definitive commentary on society’s struggle for meaning.”

You can read the Jamaica Gleaner’s full review here. Believe me, it only gets better.

It’s always nice when the main paper in the country where you were born acknowledges your work and says great things about it! #AroundHarvardSquare

You can order “Around Harvard Square” on Amazon or at a bookstore near you.