“Back to the Future Part II” All Over Again

"Back to the Future 2" and one of those flying cars.
“Back to the Future Part II” and one of those flying cars.

In the 1989 sci-fi comedy “Back to the Future Part II,” Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) time-travels from 1985 to 2015 and finds that the future is filled cool stuff like hovering skateboards and flying cars.

Now, in real-life, 2015 has arrived but the flying cars and whatnot have not–and to some people it feels as if part of the future has slipped away as well.

It’s hard when a hoped-for future fails to materialize. The 1968 movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” featured Pan Am space flights to the moon for civilians. The real 2001 not only didn’t feature moon voyages for paying customers, it didn’t even feature Pan Am, which folded in 1991.

The truth is that the future is always there in front of us to be remade, reshaped, reimagined.

That’s part of the reason I launched this blog today, to have a platform to talk about the past, the present and the future of pop culture, and offer some perspective.

In many ways, the real 2015 features some things that are way better than the gizmos that McFly came across in the movie version.

Who needs a flying car when you’ve got the internet?

Sometimes the future you actually make can be better than the ones others imagined.

Check out my new novel “Game World.

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