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Dead Teen Walking

[Originally published in TIME magazine on Monday, Jan. 19, 1998]

By Christopher John Farley and James Willwerth/New Orleans


For some reason, I’ve sat here and prayed to the Lord for answers on why this is happening. Since Miss Babin took the stand, I knew I was gonna get found guilty. Down in my heart, I truly believe that the Gerardi family knew I didn’t do it, and I know I didn’t do it, the Lord knows, y’all know, my defense team knows, the State knows, and everyone else. But that’s not the answer. We will never get an answer as to why this is happening to us. But as I write this letter to you, I did not and will not shed a tear. So please don’t cry for me or over me. I must go because the Lord awaits me.”

–Shareef Cousin, in a letter to his family during jury deliberations at his murder trial

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