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What Can I Learn From Hilary Mantel?

Hilary Mantel‘s book “Wolf Hall” is about Henry VIII’s brilliant chief minister Thomas Cromwell, but the author is every bit as smart as her subject. Mantel has leveraged writing a literary work of historical fiction into a TV miniseries on PBS and a new Broadway show. As an author–my book “Kingston by Starlight” is a work of historical fiction– I had to find out how she did it. So I sat down with her at the WSJ Cafe, the Wall Street Journal’s video interview series, to get her take on “Wolf Hall”–the book, the TV show and the stage production. I wrote a brief about Mantel for; here’s the video.

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Author Sharon Dennis Wyeth, book maven Vanesse Lloyd-Sgambati, councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, and C.J. Farley in the Philadelphia City Council chambers.

Cheesesteaks and the 23rd Annual African-American Children’s Book Fair

I’ve eaten two cheesesteaks since arriving in Philadelphia this week and I have no plans on stopping. In between sandwiches, my writing was honored yesterday by the Philadelphia City Council! A proclamation was read, and I delivered some brief remarks, while tactfully steering clear of mentioning the dismal records of the Knicks and 76ers. Instead I mostly talked about the fact that fewer than three percent of children’s books feature African American heroes  and that my fantasy book “Game World” is trying to help kids to dream in color.

I’m in Philadelphia because I’ll be reading from “Game World” at the 23rd Annual African-American Children’s Book Fair, on Saturday, Feb. 7, between 1pm-3pm at the Community College of Philadelphia (Gymnasium), 17th & Spring Garden Streets, Philadelphia, PA. In you’re in the City of Brotherly Love, please stop by!  And if they really need the help, I’m available to suit up for the 76ers–though these days, it’s harder for me to dunk without a running start.


My Own ‘Serial': ‘Game World’ and Jeff Rutherford’s ‘Reading and Writing’ Podcast

Only a few months ago, I thought podcasts were trendy thing from the late 00s, like Uggs, Crocs and *NSYNC. But the megapopular podcast “Serial” has made the form relevant again, and I recently paid a visit to Jeff Rutherford’s “Reading & Writing” podcast to talk about my new fantasy adventure book “Game World.” Kick off your Uggs, your Crocs, slide a CD of “No Strings Attached” into your boom box and check out my appearance on the podcast.

Check out the interview by clicking here.